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Pictorial expression courses

 in the artist's studio in Vallila

Are you interested in painting a board?

Do you long for more self-knowledge and joy through making?

Would you like to paint or draw in a small group with my guidance? 


In my courses, you can do drawing and painting exercises and free your mind and handprint. We also do relaxing and movement exercises. I also guide everyone individually in doing tasks. We discuss work together. The courses also include voluntary homework. 


Course 1  MY TABLE   FULL

A short introduction to permissive painting, max. 5 participants

Weekend course Sat 19.3 & Sun 20.3. 12-2.30 pm (2 x 2.5 h)

Price €150, including VAT. 24% and materials 


content and objectives 

  • find a relaxed way to paint

  • paint one painting that is important to you

  • to open up to the enriching influence of fellow human beings

  • to find one's own inner feelings through painting and release unused resources


The course will be moved. The date will be announced later.

Strengthening the important things in your life by painting, 

max. 5 participants

Four times 26.3.- 16.4. on Saturdays at 11 a.m. (2.5 h each time) 

(We can move the last Easter weekend meeting if necessary)

Price €280, including VAT. 24% and materials.

If you wish, you can bring more personal goals.

content and objectives 

  • to make visible the important meanings and inner experiences of one's life by painting and drawing

  • to open up to the enriching influence of fellow human beings

  • discover your own inner feelings through painting and release unused resources 

  • learn and strengthen self-expression through visual arts

  • commit to a process that allows you to discover something new about yourself 

If you are interested in the course, I will be happy to provide more information: or 040 512 7919



Course registration

Binding registrations 11 March 2022

by midnight.

I am registering for the course

Tell me a little about yourself

NOTE! Registration is binding.

After registering, you will receive an email with instructions for paying the course fee. Your place on the course is confirmed when the course has been paid for.


The subject of the coursesis finding and strengthening the important things in one's life. We focus on intuitive expression and develop from it to where we are now. 

You can come to the courses without previous experience in painting or drawing. We go through different

techniques in pursuit of natural self-expression.

The group is a good way to deepen what you are doing, even for a hobbyist or a photography professional. 


In the courses, we paint with acrylic colors on canvas and paper, draw with different techniques, write

and movement exercises are done. With these tasks, we strive for a more accurate perception of ourselves.

Sharing your own experiences through discussion is an important part of working.

Although we all work on the same themes, the work and the spirit of the group is shaped by what each of us finds as a concrete goal to follow.


We are inspired by images and thoughts that are important to us. We encourage each other to be brave and learn about making a picture and ourselves, without forgetting joy, lightness and playfulness!

Meeting place is my studio in Vallila artists' house, Lemuntie 6.

The space is approx. 38 m2 in size,which enables adequate safety intervals to be observed if necessary. 

When necessary, we follow current corona precautions:

  • come only if you are asymptomatic

  • wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave

Cancellation terms

Since only five participants are accepted, I hope that everyone considering the course understands that the participation of all registered participants is equally important for the desired realization of the goals of the course. 

Binding registration can be canceled in the following situations, when the course fee will be refunded in full:

  • Due to illness, with a doctor's certificate before the first meeting.

  • As the general corona situation escalates, the course cannot be held due to the authorities' requirements.


Course instructor TANJA AHOLA

I have a master's degree in art and work as a full-time visual artist and photographer.

In recent years, I have been researching pictorial encounters and the healing effects of art in my art.

In addition to basic studies, I have studied art therapy at Aalto University.

In addition to the exhibitions, the desire to develop more intensively together has sprouted from the research

and as a result the idea of "MY PICTURE" and "MY PICTURES" courses was born. 

You can find more information about mefrom here.

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