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 at an artist studio in Vallila

Are you interested in creating a painting?
Do you need more self-knowledge and joy through work?
Would you like to paint or draw in a small group with my guidance?

In my courses you will be able to do drawing and painting exercises as well as freeing your mind and handiwork. We also do relaxing and moving exercises. I also guide each one individually in the work. We talk about the work together. Courses also offer voluntary homework.


There are no courses currently.
I will announce future courses on Facebook and Instagram!

Course 1  MY PAINTING 

A short introduction to permissive painting, max. 5 participants

Weekend course  2 x 3 h

Price 180 € , including VAT. 24% and materials 


content and objectives 

  • find a relaxed way to paint

  • paint one painting that is important to you

  • to open up to the enriching influence of fellow human beings

  • to find one's own inner feelings through painting and release unused resources


Strengthening the important things in your life by painting, 

max. 5 participants

4 x 3 hours, every other week

Price 300 €, including VAT. 24% and materials.

If you wish, you can bring more personal goals.

content and objectives 

  • to make visible the important meanings and inner experiences of one's life by painting and drawing

  • to open up to the enriching influence of fellow human beings

  • discover your own inner feelings through painting and release unused resources 

  • learn and strengthen self-expression through visual arts

  • commit to a process that allows you to discover something new about yourself 

If you are interested in the course,

I will be happy to provide more information: or 040 512 7919



Course registration

Binding registrations _________

by midnight.

I am registering for the course

Tell me a little about yourself

NOTE! Registration is binding.

After registering, you will receive an email with instructions for paying the course fee. Your place on the course is confirmed when the course has been paid for.

Students experiences:

The atmosphere in the workspace was lovely, the paint stains on the floor and the paintings peeking out from behind the curtains created an authentic atmosphere.

You were such a calm, present, and encouraging teacher!

I was nervous for the first time on the first course. After the first exercise, the tension disappeared and the atmosphere in the group was very relaxed and warm throughout the course. There was absolutely no pressure on my own skills. The best thing about the course were the inspiring thoughts and the "aha" moments it aroused. Tanja exudes tranquility and professionalism.

Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned about myself is that something just happens. You don't have to be planned.

Small movements of oneself, lying on the floor, etc. were a great way to "arrive in the room", that is, both to the place and to oneself.

It was nice to see other people's work and other people's development. When I felt like encouraging someone in one direction for a moment, I realized that, yes, now you are showing those words to yourself! This was a great experience. Very nice.

I believe that the way you introduced the course, combined with the exercises, at least in my case, enabled me to later wonder how the whole course had gone by and I had not at all stepped into the "shoes of the judge" during the process, but rather had looked at my actions without any value judgment.

The benefit of working with a group was that one could reflect one's own thoughts to the things told by others.

The group and the situation you created felt safe.

Expectations were exceeded. This was more than just a painting course for me. It probably just hit the right spot when I have been dealing with the need to paint/do something else creative with my hands lately.

The courses focus on finding and reinforcing the important aspects of one's own life. We focus on intuitive expression and development from where we are now.
You can come to the courses without any prior experience in painting or drawing. We go through different techniques with the goal of natural self-expression.
The group is a good way to deepen the experience for those who have done a lot or are professionals.

We paint with acrylics on canvas and paper, draw with different techniques, write and do physical exercises. We aim to observe ourselves more closely with these tasks.
Sharing experiences and talking is an important part of the work.
Even though we all work on the same themes, the work and the spirit of the group are shaped by what each of us finds as a concrete goal to follow.

We are inspired by the images and thoughts that are important to us. We encourage each other to be brave and learn about image-making and ourselves, without forgetting the joy, lightness, and playfulness!

The meeting place is my office at Vallila Artist House, Lemuntie 6. The space is approximately 38 m2, which allows for the necessary social distancing.

If necessary, we will follow the current coronavirus precautions: only come if you are symptom-free,

wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive and leave.

Cancellation Policy

Since there are only five participants, I hope everyone considering the course understands that it is equally important for all those who have signed up to participate in order for the course to achieve its desired goals. A binding registration can be canceled in the following situations, in which case the course fee will be refunded in full: if you are unable to participate due to illness with a doctor's note before the first meeting; if the general coronavirus situation deteriorates to the point where the course cannot be held due to official requirements.


The instructor for the course is TANJA AHOLA

I am a Master of Arts by education and work full-time as a visual artist and photographer. In recent years, I have explored in my art the visual encounters and the healing effects of art. In addition to the basic studies, I have also studied art therapy at Aalto University. In addition to exhibitions, research has also spawned a desire to develop more intensively together, and as a result, the idea of ​​the "MY CANVAS" and "OWN IMAGES" courses was born. You can find more information about me here.

You can find more information about me from here.

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