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  • Master of Photography, 1998, Aalto University

  • Member of the Association of Artists since 2018.

  • The paintings have  been exhibited in exhibitions. e.g. Gallery Katariina, Gallery Artika, Gallery Kookos, BELA Biennial.

  • Photographed people, e.g. theater, dance and music artists and works since 1995. Collaborators have included e.g. Group Theatre, National Theater, Tero Saarinen Company,Alpo Aaltokoski Company and Q Theater.

  • You can view the CV here

I am a photographer, visual artist and mother of two daughters, partner and passionate dance enthusiast.

The pursuit of beauty is a guiding value in my life. Photographs and paintings are ways for me to sense and understand my environment and my place in it. I am sensitive to atmosphere and brave to surrender to it.

With the life I have lived, I have grown into my sensitivity. It has become a valuable resource for me to meet people and do my work - to take photographs and paint.

I have deepened my understanding of people by studying art therapy and investigating different therapy methods; such as character and movement therapy.

Presence and encounter are at the center of my working style. Subtle beauty in us is only revealed when we are not forcing it, when there is enough space for it. These are intense moments in which something that the eye can not see but the heart feels can be captured in pictures and paintings.

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